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What does Blessed Art Do?
Blessed Art does image transfers, acid etching, acrylic painting, inking, distressing, patination, lettering and line art design on copper, aluminum, sterling silver, argentium silver and silver filled. These methods capture hearts in particular because the sheen of copper can transform the art to a whole new level. Projects are often limitless to the imagination and pictures of desired outcomes are welcome during the design process. Line art or vectors (clip art) can be incorporated, but only if it is completely royalty free.
What is an Image Transfer?
An image transfer is putting a picture on metal. Copper is sanded, cleaned and heated, and then the image is applied. There is no embossing or etched design; however it is still a beautiful effect that is unique and affordable. This process does not work with all full color or grayscale images because some detail is lost. After transferring, the piece is clear coated to protect against aging but could also have a patina if you choose. An example of an image transfer is below and is offered on charms and small plaques only.

Copper image transfer, heat patination and ink. 5" X 7"
Copper image transfer, heat patination and ink. 5″ X 7″

What is “Etched” metal?
There are several ways to etch metal but primarily Blessed Art uses  a chemical acid and resist process that permanently creates scenes into the copper. This process works best with high contrast black and white images, silhouettes, profiles, thick line art, letters or freehand drawing (again, with thick lines). If there is a design with intricate thin lines then the acid is so strong that it can erase them altogether.
The preparation for the process requires sanding, cleaning, masking, transferring an image or using a resist and then finally dipping it in a chemical acid bath. After the acid dip the piece is scrubbed clean again, sanded, touched up and onto finishing. Finishing an etched piece is when the art comes alive. At this point the copper (if used) can patina naturally and does so really fast if I don’t work quickly. This is because there is no protective coat on the metal. I can use black ink (the kind you use in a pen) to make lowlights on the art so that the etch lines stand out. I can also freehand acrylic paint or patina the piece in certain places to make grass, or foliage stand out. The end result is an etched surface that has depth in areas around the design. It is outstanding to see and causes everyone I know to reach out and touch it! After the work is all done the pieces are clear coated. Examples of etched pieces are below and come in a variety of sizes:

Design Before:                                  

Cross with swigly

Finished Piece:

Cross 4 X 6 small

Using your own pictures?
Because of copyright laws, Blessed Art cannot use another artist’s work without permission. This would include the replication or resale of famous paintings, actors, music artists, vectors on the internet (clip art), US Postal Service stamps/ documents or other photography that is copyrighted. See the examples below of an etched photograph, which typically works best with photos that can be converted to a black and white image first.

It is possible to obtain special permission, in some cases to use copyrighted images or photography, although it just can take a while to obtain this approval from the original artist. Any images will need to be royalty free. All personal photographs and images created by you, the customer, would be welcome to incorporate into any piece of art as long as the contrast and quality of the picture is of high resolution and can be scaled satisfactorily. Any IPhone pictures are usually fine to use.

Prior to commencement of any work, you will be notified if your picture or image will work based on the techniques used and you may be asked to submit several choices of imagery for this reason.
Blessed Art reserves the right to decline requests that involve the use of profanity, sexually suggestive imagery, violent imagery or otherwise offensive content.

1. Photo Example:Note- photo has a lot of gray that will not create defined lines in an etch

Original Oak tree photo

2. Blessed Art converts to black and white image

Original Oak tree B&W

3.Finished Etch with antique patina

Finished Oak tree