Your jewelry will require regular polishing to prevent tarnishing. As with any other jewelry, you should take it off prior to swimming, cleaning or getting wet. Some pieces that are colored or oxidized are already varnished and do not need to be polished. To care for them, simply wipe them with a damp cloth and dry them off immediately.

Maintenance for Art
Once the clear coat is hardened, the piece should not be affected by water or salt damage (if you live by the beach) for at least 2 years of being placed indoors, maybe longer, or 1 year of being placed outdoors. The pieces can be hung outside, although this will certainly quicken the wear and cause you to annually clear coat the piece. It is not recommended to leave the piece with standing water on it and if it is outside it will have a higher likelihood of getting scratched which can cause an immediate change in color. Nevertheless, it does add a nice addition to an outdoor space.

The pieces of copper should only be cleaned with a damp towel and then immediately dried to avoid any wear of the coat. If aging starts to occur during the life of the piece, you can always spray it with a metal bonding clear coat again and it will prevent patination. Always dust the piece completely and dry entirely (3 days of dry time needed) before spraying. Follow the directions on your metal bonding clear coat spray regarding temperature and curing time.

Can problems happen with the copper?
Yes, but usually it concerns the clear coat which is easily remedied. There is a possibility that some tiny particles of metal dust from my work shop can land on a piece and get trapped in the coat of lacquer, invisible to the eye during the curing process. After the wet lacquer hits the metal it takes anywhere from a couple days to a week for noticeable tiny rust spots to appear. The piece can be lightly sanded with a fine grit paper and sprayed again once the metal dust is removed from sanding. Any metal bonding clear coat spray should work. Feel free to send a picture to me to ask for advice or send the piece back to me and I can handle the repair if you are uncomfortable with it so that you can get back to enjoying it again!

Metal can be scratched and dented easily. The copper art produced by Blessed Art will normally have some distress and scratching (from sanding), and may even have a few tiny dents visible that occurred. This is normal and in the artistic realm “adds character”. This section only applies to scratches that happen by way of accidental dropping or scraping the piece after you have received it and are visibly unsightly.
Blessed Art does not guarantee against scratching or dents happening during the life of the piece through normal handling. Accidental drops occurring while in your care (after delivery/ pick up), can usually be repaired if it is a minor problem. Follow the instructions above on sanding lightly and re-clear coating to resolve most small scratches.

Blessed Art can attempt to repair scratches or dents if it is not severe. A charge does apply for this service and results can not be guaranteed, however, it will be our goal to produce a satisfactory repair for you to the best of our ability. Repair charges will be based on the size of the piece and severity of the problem. Please feel free to contact us and submit pictures if you need a quote on a repair.

Patination Requests-
You can request to leave a piece natural or “penny bright”. These pieces will naturally change colors over time. There is so much beauty in watching this take place! If you request this,  you will be asked to sign a disclaimer explaining that you are aware that the piece will change colors and may rust (if left too long) to an unsightly result that you, as owner, will have to clean and maintain at a future date. You will surely have to clear coat yourself once the coloring has reached a satisfactory weathering. This would be particularly important on a piece subjected to water or salt in the environments (like an outdoor fountain). Have fun watching but do take care!